We Are Focused on
Feeding the Hungry

The Second Step Foundation, formed in 2014 by the family of Interstate CEO Travis Penrod, is a registered not-for-profit that has supported deserving charities with financial grants since its founding.

Board members serve on a volunteer basis with no pay or benefits. They review nominations from Interstate employees, offer their own recommendations, research charities, and choose recipients.

In early 2020, the board established a new direction for the organization to tie it more closely to Interstate Companies, Inc., and the communities in which it operates. The foundation has intensified its focus on fighting hunger by supporting local food banks and similar charities.

Meet Our Board Members

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Honorary Board Members

We also recognize the service of three honorary board members: Gordon D. Galarneau, Jr., his wife, Rinda Galarneau, and Sarah Trebesch. Gordon was Chairman of the Board of GDG Holdings, Inc – the corporate parent of Interstate Companies. He joined Interstate in 1971, and worked in Accounting and Finance until 1975, when he purchased the privately owned company. His wife, Rinda, has supported him in that role, and all things, for decades. Sarah is a founding board member of Second Step, and continues to volunteer as her schedule permits.

Gordon Rinda Galarneau

Gordon and Rinda Galarneau

Sarah Royce

Sarah Trebesch